Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

We are accredited to deliver numerous IOSH training courses and are also able to build your own course and get it IOSH accredited, just ask for details. We have a number of bespoke accredited IOSH courses running for clients, with clients input and our knowledge these courses provide great return on investment.

Our IOSH Safe Supervising in Logistics is an award winning course.

Training Courses:

IOSH Managing Safely - 'Great to be back in the classroom', 'Great training', 'Great course, well delivered and very relevant for our Managers', 'Really useful and relevant training course', 'Great IOSH course, excellently delivered', 'Very enjoyable course, well worth our time', 'Very informative', 'Good interaction with all attendees and took the time to provide relevant answers to our industry', 'Very good trainer', 'Great course'.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher -
'Really useful refresher', 'Another great IOSH course', 'Great interaction', 'Really pleased to get my qual refreshed', 'Great delivery by Rich', 'Great to get my IOSH qual refreshed', 'Great course, well delivered', 'Very helpful', 'A day well spent', 'Really enjoyed the course', 'Great to see Rich again', 'Good interaction and understanding provided'. 'Richard was absolutely brilliant'.

IOSH Managing Safely:
'Time really well spent, can't speak highly enough of the trainer', 'Great course, first class trainer', 'Engaging, not too deep, good course', 'Great fun', 'Informative and really useful', 'I've learnt alot from this course - thank you', 'I hope this makes a difference to our team, the early signs are good', 'Excellent, really enjoyed it', 'Good interaction and activities throughout', 'Great course', 'Feel more comfortable about H&S in my job role'.

IOSH Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing: 
'Excellent presentation', 'Good group interaction with the use of case studies', 'Excellent, very interesting to learn about a serious subject but put across in a light and informative way', 'Good fun, interesting and informative', 'Well structured course, great delivery, I enjoyed all of it', 'Overall, just excellent', 'Excellent, all our questions were answered, would recommend', 'Just right for me and my job role', 'Enhanced my understanding of managing occupational health and wellbeing', 'Presented with professionalism and understanding', 'The course was presented very well that linked course content with real life examples making it easier to understand'.

IOSH Managing Safely:
'The information was put across so it was easy to understand', 'It was all really useful', 'Fantastic', 'Good fun', 'Rich made the course enjoyable and easy to digest with his humour', 'Richard was fully engaging and made the course interesting', 'Enjoyable and informative', 'Really enjoyable course', 'Richard's subject knowledge and commitment was excellent', 'Very happy to use what I've learnt back at work'.

IOSH Safe Supervising in Logistics: 'The tutor was excellent', 'Very enthusiastic and engaging trainer', 'The whole training course was effective and informative, it was perfect', 'Great course, very engaging', 'Really enjoyed the course', 'I learnt such alot', 'Great interaction, held my attention'.

IOSH Safe Worker Passport: 'Very informative', 'Upto date information provided which was useful', 'Well delivered course, informative', 'Interesting day with good levels of engagement', 'Good course, informative stuff', 'A day well spent, learnt alot', 'Just right level of information'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'All of it was well presented by Richard', 'Great interaction, held my attention throughout', 'Very well delivered', 'So much more than I was expecting, great course', 'Not boring like other H&S courses I have attended', 'This guy knows his stuff', 'All of the course was informative and can be applied to day-to-day activities', 'We all learnt alot', 'I found the course very useful', 'Enjoyed everything about the course'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'The course allowed us to put theory into practice', 'Effective trainer, very knowledgeable who made the course interesting and fun', 'The practical elements worked well for me', 'Great course', 'Enjoyed the learning experience', 'The trainer was knowledgeable and engaging', 'Rich was patient and engaging', 'Extremely engaging and enjoyable course', 'The trainer was enthusiastic and able to maintain everyones interest'.

IOSH Managing Safely: Really good course, competent trainer', 'Great interaction', 'Richard is a fantastic trainer and has made the course enjoyable', 'All the sections were very good and full of information, gave me a much better understanding', 'Richard has been really nice and friendly with a great sense of humour', 'A most interesting course', 'All of it was really useful', 'A very enjoyable course with a very experienced trainer', 'Every aspect equally informative and helpful', 'Very useful, well presented by a competent and knowledgeable trainer', 'Richard was extremely engaging and made the course easy to apply', 'Richard has a fantastic delivery style which engages the audience for a great learning experience'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'A very good course, which was delivered excellently', 'Really enjoyed Richards style of training, felt engaged throughout the course', 'Well presented and relevant', 'Very good trainer, very engaging', 'Richard was an amazing trainer, great technique', 'Richard was friendly with vast knowledge, was able to answer our questions in relation to our jobs', 'Great interaction and practical elements'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Improved my health and safety knowledge', 'Thank you Richard', 'Great interaction and group work', 'Great course, great instructor', 'Real life realted examples helped the learning experience', 'First class training event', 'Great delivery and interaction', 'Superb course'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'This training has improved my health and safety knowledge', 'Great interaction throughout the course', 'The trainer has inspired me to continue my interest with health and safety', 'Rich did a great job', 'Gained a very good knowledge of health and safety', 'The whole course was great, in particular risk assessment and the law', 'Very practical course', 'Great tutor, the course flowed well with great intercation and practical exercises'.

IOSH Safe Worker Passport: 'Overall a well informed training sesison, well done Rich', 'Richard was very informative, a knowledgeable trainer who explained things effectively', 'Great course', 'Enjoyed the course'.

IOSH Safe Supervising in Logistics: 'Really delivered with enthusiasm and passion, made it fun and interactive', 'Really enjoyed the course overall', 'Really enjoyable', 'Richard was an excellent instructor delivering the material and kept the group engaged', 'Very useful course', 'Enjoyed the practical elements', 'Great course, perfect approach to delivery from Richard', 'Really relevant to my job role', 'Engaging and fun delivery style', 'Great course'.

IOSH Safe Supervising in Logistics: 'Great and enjoyable three days, learnt alot', 'Good group interaction, our questions were answered and made relevant to our industry', 'First class delivery', 'Put at ease straight away, enjoyed the course', 'Great and effective presentation', 'Enjoyed the practical elements', 'The law was fun'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Best health and safety course I've attended', 'Great delivery and interaction throughout', 'H&S made sense', 'Achieved my personal goals', 'Time was allocated for group discussion to good effect', 'Great delivery', 'Good interaction by the trainer with the group', 'Great course, well delivered'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'In no way could I see any room for improvement', 'Very well paced and controlled course', 'Interesting course, the trainer held my attention throughout', 'Overall a great course, fantastic tutor', 'An enjoyable and interesting course', 'Good explanations and real life applications', 'Excellent trainer', 'Very good and easy to understand'.

IOSH Safe Supervising in Logistics: 'Very informative and interesting', 'Very enjoyable', 'Very interesting three days', 'Very useful for my job role', 'Richard did a great job in explaining things', 'Totally enjoyed it, well presented', 'All the information was relevant and useful for my job', 'Excellent, really enjoyed it', 'Great course'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Brilliant event', 'Rich provided a greater understanding of health and safety', 'Richard was a fantastic tutor as he made the course very interesting throughout', 'The facilitation of the course was excellent!', 'The entire content was great, very thought provoking', 'The interaction and real life examples were useful', 'Richard explained everything really well', 'Well organised and professional course', 'Great practical components'.

IOSH Safe Worker: 'Good days training, very useful', 'Good interaction and information', 'A trainer with a sense of humour, made us at ease', 'Well worth the day', 'Well delivered course, kept us on track', 'Good interaction and spread of information', 'Very good course'.

IOSH Working Safely: 'Very good, well set out course', 'Course was suitable and role beneficial', 'The trainer was excellent with the perfect amount of seriousness and humour', 'I have very much enjoyed this course and it has given me a much more positive perspective on H&S', 'The trainer maintained our interest, good training', 'Very good, pitched at the right level', 'Very good', 'Great presenter', 'Very valuable and interesting course'.

IOSH Safe Worker: 'Great course, well delivered', 'Good content for my job role', 'Good course, well presented', 'Delivered with humour and style', 'Interactive course, answered our questions with relevant examples', 'Maintained the groups interest throughout', 'Time well spent'.

IOSH Safe Supervising in Logistics: 'Very informative and knowledgeable', 'Very engaging and informative training', 'Richard was spot on, knowledgeable, funny and kept us engaged', 'Very worthwhile, engaging and funny', 'Excellent trainer, well done', 'Training excellent, trainer engaging', 'Excellent and relaxed course', 'Richard is brilliant at delivery, I enjoyed the course very much', 'One word - Fantastic'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Richard's approach and presentation is well executed and delivered in an engaging way', 'Great course, well delivered', 'No improvements are required', 'The visual and practical elements helped me alot', 'Very interactive', 'The trainer who gave the course was fantastic', 'Great course, will help me in my job role', 'Great course, thank you'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'I have gained a better understanding of health and safety', 'The instructors knowledge of the subject matter was excellent and therefore made the learning process more effective', 'No improvement needed', 'Great training course, much better than I anticipated', 'Excellent course, content and trainer', 'Great trainer, very enthusiastic and infectious', 'I found Richard to be a very effective trainer, he maintained our interest', 'I understand my responsibilities to maintain a safe workplace'. 

IOSH Managing Safely: 'All of it was very useful', 'Excellent presentation from Richard', 'The trainer was very engaging', 'Very informative and surprisingly entertaining', 'Very insightful, engaging trainer', 'Good course', 'Richard was excellent and had a real passion for QHSE, his knowledge and passion was engaging and made it easy to pick up and learn the information'.

IOSH Safe Worker: 'I found the whole course useful', 'Very good course', 'Very informative course', 'Very useful and beneficial', 'Nice paced course', 'Interesting information', 'Very useful day, time well spent'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent presentation and trainer knowledge', 'The course was delivered in a relaxed manner', 'Very good course', 'Plenty of group discussion and interaction', 'A good variety of teaching methods were used', 'Excellent', 'Thoroughly enjoyed it', 'Very informative, enjoyed the five days', 'I feel alot more confident after this course', 'Really enjoyed throughout, structure and learning was excellent'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'The course was delivered in a professional manner and very informative. Also delivered with good humour', 'I've learnt alot of new aspects of health and safety', 'Very well presented', 'Excellent learning and made it fun', 'First rate course, want to do more', 'Great course that was excellently delivered by Richard', 'Good mix of information', 'Very enjoyable and interesting', 'Excellent teaching and sense of humour'. 

IOSH Safe Worker: 'Very suitable and relevant', 'Really enjoyed the course and content', 'Very good', 'Very helpful, 'Very suitable for my job role', 'Very good value course', 'Very informative, every explained really well', 'Well presented course', 'Good all round course'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Richard delivered the course in an excellent manner', 'Very well presented, great interaction', 'Very informative and entertaining trainer', 'Very useful and in detail', 'The tutor made it very interesting', 'Excellent all round', 'I even found the law section interesting', 'Richard was excellent', 'Great communication skills, allowed time for interaction', 'Great course, well delivered'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'All very good', 'Excellent', 'Excellent presenting skills', 'Excellent five days', 'First class, great interaction, the instructor made it fun and easy to learn', 'Good and useful examples were given', 'Great course delivery', 'First class - excellent instructor and course', 'Well worth my time', 'Great course, good interaction'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent all round course', 'The trainers stories were entertaining', 'An exciting five days', 'Lots of interaction and variation', 'Excellent course delivery, very interesting', 'Richard has a warm and friendly approach, first class delivery', 'The presentation style was the best part - just great', 'This will help me in the workplace', 'Great interaction', 'Great course, one of the best', 'Practical sessions were very good', 'Very professional delivery', 'Interesting and very interactive', 'The trainer was excellent and extremely knowledgeable on his subject'.

IOSH Working Safely: 'Excellent content and delivery', 'Really opened my eyes to different hazard types', 'I have learnt alot', 'I would recommend this training company to others', 'Great course, well delivered', 'The hazard board game worked really well for us, we were put at ease at once', 'Great trainer, answered our questions and let us engage and chat', 'Good course, probably what I needed', 'A good day, well spent'.

IOSH Safe Supervising in Logistics: 'Very effective training delivery', 'Great trainer, very knowledgeable', 'The whole course was useful, I have taken alot away', 'Very interesting and intense', '3 days well spent', 'Very interesting, good interaction', 'Great course, learnt alot', 'Very useful for my job role'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'The content and delivery of the material was excellent', 'This course was taught very well', 'The whole course was really useful', 'Richard is an excellent tutor, very engaging and open minded with adaptability in dealing with specific individual needs', 'Excellent', 'Well delivered in a relaxed atmosphere', 'Very good and informative', 'I found the law module of great interest', 'I enjoyed all of it', 'The trainer made the course more enjoyable with his sense of humour and stories'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Helped develop my understanding of health and safety', 'Richard was excellent and presented the course well', 'Great delivery of training', 'Extremely well delivered with humour', 'Richard made the course enjoyable, took time to answer our questions and the course was well paced', 'I've learnt alot', 'Very informative and very helpful', 'I feel better equipped to do my job role', 'Great entertaining training delivery'.

IOSH Safe Supervising in Logistics: 'Aninteresting and engaging three days', 'Learnt alot', 'The whole course was great and opened my eyes to health and safety', 'Richard was very helpful and explained things well', 'Excellent course', 'Very well presented', 'Excellent course, would highly recommend all management levels attend', 'Great course, covered all our day to day issues'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent course, great interation', 'Nothing could be improved about this course and it's delivery', 'Being involved at all points made it easier to learn', 'The pace of learning was ideal, Richard made sure evrything was understood', 'Very educational', 'Well executed and a big thank you', 'Excellent', 'The trainer was really good and calming, I learnt alot', 'Great course, delivery and time well spent'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'The level of information was excellent', 'What I learned has made me look at things differently, regarding health and safety', 'The course was ideal', 'Good course, excellent content, good instructor - no improvement needed', 'The instructor was very informative and approachable', 'Very well presented', 'I did'nt realise health and safety was so interesting', 'The course has helped me alot', 'The trainer put me at ease and was very helpful', 'Very educational', 'Very entertaining and informative'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Everything was well presented and delivered', 'It was all enjoyable, the presentation was to a very high standard, 'Excellent', 'I enjoyed the relaxed altmoshere provided by the trainer', 'A well delivered course', 'Great course', 'Everything was perfect', 'Enjoyed the content and delivery style', 'Well delivered, one of the best trainers I have had'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent all round course', 'First class delivery', 'Very interesting and an eye opener', 'Enjoyed being brought upto date, very interesting and informative', 'Richard presented the course in a very passionate and interesting way, keeps you focussed and alert', 'NEBOSH next for me', 'Great five days', 'Great course, well delivered, good participation levels', 'Enjoyed it - awesome'

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher: 'Very good course, interested to learn on legislative updates', 'Excellent, well thought out and presented', 'Great refresher', 'Extremely useful especially with legislative changes', 'Excellent, very well presented', 'Excellent and very effective course', 'Very professionally delivered', 'Enjoyed the course and bringing my knowledge upto date', 'Very informative', 'Richard is very well informed and delivered the message with a professional style'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent course, well delivered and communicated', 'Time for discussion with sensible answers provided', 'Enjoyed the hands-on approach', 'Great course', 'Enthusiastic trainer', 'Enjoyed all five days'.

IOSH Safe Worker: 'The whole course was relevant to my role', 'Very suitable', 'Very good', 'First rate', 'Well delivered', 'It was clear, well delivered material', 'I gained new information', 'The course was interesting from start to finish', 'Very good and informative', 'Very interesting and filled some knowledge gaps''

Safe Worker: 'Very informative and interesting', 'Good refresher course', 'Good all round course', 'Very informative', 'The entire course was extremely useful', 'Great trainer, easy to ask questions to', 'Fantastic', 'Suitable for my job role', 'Good trainer, made it interesting'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Richard. I fely very nervous at the beginning and left feeling confident', 'Very enjoyable course', 'Excellent delivery', 'The trainer kept it interesting, I enjoyed the practical approach', 'Great trainer, delivered the content really well', 'Things were explained really well', 'Great interaction, information and presentation style', 'Excellent - no improvement needed', 'Excellent tutor, informative, confident and competent'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent, friendly and relaxed course', 'I would definitely recommend this to others', 'Presented extremely well', 'Richard's delivery was excellent', 'This was not too theoretical, it will be easy to put what I've learnt into practice', 'Richard made the course understandable and enjoyable', 'Two words - just excellent'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'The instructors knowledge was first class', 'Very effective delivery and style', 'Enjoyed all the five days', 'Richard made it interesting and interactive', 'Overall, very enjoyable', 'Excellent presentation skills', 'Excellent course, delivered fantastically', 'The trainer was helpful with a good sense of humour', 'Everything was clearly explained'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'A very good course which was well presented', 'Excellent presentation skills', 'The trainer explained things very well and in detail', 'Good interaction and exercises', 'The subject was made interesting', 'Good relaxed atmosphere', 'Interesting and enjoyable course', 'I will be sending more Managers on this course'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Informative and enjoyable course', 'It was fun', 'Richard was a very nice guy and delivered the course in a very good style', 'Brilliant, really enjoyed the training. Richard was excellent', 'Very clear and knowledgeable trainer', 'The trainer made it fun and enjoyable, it was a pleasure to be on this course', 'A passionate, engaging and enthusiastic trainer'.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher: 'Great refresher course, which helped me re-focus on key H&S elements', 'Informative and relevant information', 'Very suitable days training', 'Trainer was excellent', 'Very good, clear and easy to follow material', 'All of it was relevant to my job role', 'Good and clear H&S communication', 'Great IOSH refresher course'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'The way it was delivered made the days enjoyable', 'Really enjoyed it', 'Excellent training and trainer', 'Great course', 'The trainer was very knowledgeable and put everyone at ease. great sense of humour broke the apprehension', 'Just 1st class', 'All aspects of the course were new to me, so it was all useful', 'Great interaction, the trainer was very helpful', 'Everything was explained well', 'Richard was a very good trainer', 'I really enjoyed the whole experience', 'Richard made it enjoyable'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Great course, would 100% recommend the provider', 'All really good', 'Excellent five days', 'Very interesting, well delivered', 'I have gained a great deal of knowledge and look forward to putting it into practice', 'I would definitely recommend Safety Improvements, thanks to Richard', 'Richards dry humour helps make the course enjoyable', 'Overall, well worth attending'.

IOSH Safe Worker: 'Great course, relaxed atmosphere', 'Just right', 'Very good', 'Excellent days training', 'Very well presented course, suited my needs', 'Excellent, enjoyed the practical element', 'Very suitable for my job role', 'Very good and informative', 'Open discussions with time for questions, highly recommend', 'Very suitable and of great value'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Facilitator - great knowledge and personality', 'The trainer made the subject engaging and interesting', 'Richard was very informative and made the course interesting', 'Trainers enthusiastic style made the subject entertaining', 'Fantastic all round', 'Richard explained things in detail, easy to understand', 'Informative, relaxed and friendly atmosphere', 'The instructors personality and teaching made the course enjoyable', 'Great course'.

IOSH Safe Worker Passport: 'A clear well presented course', 'Course content very suitable', 'Good all round course', 'Trainer was very informative and helpful throughout the day', 'Good knowledge gained', 'Informative information well presented', 'Helpful and informative', 'It has provided me with knowledge and understanding to enable me to do my job more efficiently and effectively', 'Very good enjoyable day'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'All of this was useful, great course', 'The whole course was better than I expected, it remained interesting throughout', 'Good interaction across all 8 modules', 'Great course, well delivered', 'Richard made the course interesting and answered our questions', 'I enjoyed the team work and quizzes', 'Very enjoyable course', 'I would like to personally thank Richard for delivering the course in a great structured manner', 'Very informative', 'A very good experience'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'I would definitely recommend Safety Improvements and Training, really excellent course', 'Excellent, relevant and enjoyable', 'Informative and well paced', 'Excellent, time to discuss issues and get a sensible answer', 'All very good', 'Excellent presenting, excellent facilities, what more can I say', 'I was initially concerned, warm and relaxed welcome, well presented and enjoyable course'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent all round', 'Eye opening, you dont realise what you take for granted', 'I would recommend this course and Safety Improvements to others', 'Richard made the course very interesting', 'Content and delivery were spot on', 'Excellent', 'Improved my overall knowledge', 'Just right for me in my role', 'Very good, nice pace and able to ask questions and get a sensible answer'.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher: 'Excellent, there's no more to say', 'Met my objectives, refreshed my understanding and brought me upto date', 'Excellent - informative - allowed conversations and experiences shared', 'As always delivered to a high standard', 'Very good for a refresher course', 'Good refresher, maintains focus', 'Knowledgeable and interactive'.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher: 'Very good course', 'Delivered with a sense of humour', 'An ideal refresher', 'Very good, great knowldege', 'Very good, easy to understand', 'Very good', 'Richard was great', 'Good to keep yourself upto date', 'Ther whole course was very good', 'Very relevant and enjoyable', 'A day well spent'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent, I enjoyed all of the course', 'The course was delivered to a very high standard', 'I found the way the course was presented was superb, everyone was able to relate to it', 'An important subject explained thoroughly but so that it was understood, delivered superbly by Richard - approachable, friendly and helpful', 'Great course', 'I would recommend this course', 'The trainer delivered the content in a fantastic way', 'Richard explained everything very well'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'I enjoyed how this course was presented and the knowledge gained', 'Excellent', 'Good interaction within the group', 'Good course, well presented', 'Was extremely well put over and I found it invaluable to our business', 'I would definitely recommend you to others', 'Excellent delivery over all four days'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent, gave me a much better understanding of H&S', 'The games helped deepen my understanding, I would definately recommend this to others', 'It was brilliant', 'Richard made a 5 day course enjoyable and fun', 'Excellent, I enjoyed the practical elements', 'Relaxed atmosphere, enjoyable course, well delivered'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'It was a great course, Richard makes the course enjoyable and provides answers relevant to your workplace', 'I would definitely recommend this course', 'Well presented, I learnt alot', 'Excellent', 'All of it was really useful', 'Overall the whole course was very informative and well delivered - enthusiastic trainer who is passionate about H&S', 'Great course, will be recommending you to others', 'Enjoyed the group work, made the course interesting'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Very enjoyable course, felt at ease', 'Very informative', 'Excellent, well structured and varied content', 'Very informative, would definitely recommend', 'Well run and presented, I have learnt skills that can be used in the workplace', 'Richard was brilliant, he found ways to ensure we all understood', 'Richard was informative and made everyone feel welcome'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'I thought Richard was very engaging and did excellently to keep us all alert over 4 days', 'Excellent presenting skills, gaining a good understanding', 'Great presenter, made the course very enjoyable, great content, very well delivered', 'Well presented and delivered and remained interesting each day due to presentation methods', 'Enjoyed the involvement, Richard presented very well and kept the interest level up in the group', 'All good, Richard kept the course interesting'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'An excellent course superbly facilitated, thank you', 'Good information, changed my outlook', 'Excellent, would recommend this course and provider', 'Excellent delivery, made to fell relaxed', 'Enjoyed the participation, good interaction', 'Good mixture, well informed delivery', 'Enjoyed it - thanks'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent, made the presentation interesting', 'Tutor knowledge and approach made it easy to understand', 'I found the course very interesting. Richard is a very good trainer and made the course more interesting for me', 'I enjoyed the trainers style, he knew how to engage with people', 'A very interesting course which I gained alot of knowledge giving me more confidence going forward', 'It was fantastic', 'Course delivered in a useful and practical way', 'The style of delivery was just right with appropriate humour, learning time and opportunity to interact', 'Made the learning fun!', 'Very interactive, good mix of content and participation'.

IOSH Managing Safely: 'Excellent instruction, learnt alot', 'Thoroughly enjoyed the course', 'Very good information for my day to day job', 'Excellent facilitator, makes learning fun', 'Excellent all round course', 'Excellent course thoroughout', 'A great course to enrol on if wanting to gather more knowledge hazards, management systems and risk assessment. Excellent facilitator', 'Perfect for my requirements', 'Very good course - the trainer made it interesting'.

IOSH Safe Worker: 'Excellent, contained valuable information to assist me in my work', 'A good H&S course, well delivered, clear on given subjects', 'Very good and informative', 'Excellent - full stop', 'Very good and well structured', 'Full of relevnat, good quality information, useful and filled many gaps in my training', 'Very informative, a lot of food for thought', 'Very good', 'Excellent, good interaction'.

IOSH Safe Worker: 'The course was very well run, the value and content were excellent', 'Excellent, well presented', 'Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable', 'Very good delivery', 'Highly effective, all points easy to understand', 'Highly valuable, suitable and current information', 'The course was excellent'.

IOSH Safe Worker: 'Very informative course', 'Very good and engaging course', 'Excellent, well presented', 'I am now more aware about all aspects covered by this course', 'Very good and effective', 'Very good and valuable'.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher: 'Pitched very well, effective delivery', 'Very good', 'Very valuable - a good refresher', 'Excellent', 'Overall, very useful', 'Excellent', 'Very good, brought us upto date'.

IOSH Safe Worker Passport: 'Very good, I have enjoyed the course and learnt alot', 'Good course with relevant content', 'Well presented with good supporting information', 'Well done, learnt alot from a nice chap', 'Good informative course, very good trainer'.